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Artists’ canvasses with a history

That Victor Claessens ended up in Waregem was no coincidence. The river Leie truly called out to him. Victor’s passion for artisan canvases (using linen as his primary material) was to flourish in the heart of the flax region , marking the first chapter in his remarkable success story. Victor Claessens founded his company, Claessens Canvas, in Waregem in 1906 . Everything fell immediately into place, a fact that was abundantly evident to his customers. His enterprising spirit, love for the profession and extensive network made Claessens Canvas an instant benchmark in the art world. Right from the very outset, Victor received enquires from all over the world;  first from Prague and Rotterdam, then the rest of Europe, and even as far afield as the US and Asia.  A century and countless generations later and Claessens Artists’ Canvas are still manufacturing canvases in the original buildings in Waregem;  the very same place where Victor Claessens instinctively put down roots at the turn of the 20th century. At that time the premises were still enveloped by a flat, verdant landscape. The bustling centre of Waregem  has since emerged around it and Claessens Canvas consequently enjoys an extremely central location (close to the station, market and church).  Yet, the soul of the building still dominates and remains inextricably intertwined with its decades-long history. The first brush stroke on a Claessens Canvas is preceded by an entire journey through the production process. Each canvas embodies the passion and history of its makers. That authenticity and flawless quality didn’t escape the great masters and, amongst others, Pollock, Raveel and Magritte have all worked on a Claessens Canvas.

Canvases are still manufactured using mainly traditional methods and from 100% pure linen, but other materials can serve as raw material nowadays. We work with 100% pure cotton and 100% pure jute or with a mix of linen and cotton or a mix of linen and jute. Synthetic materials such as polyester and viscose fibre can be used as an alternative.


A durable base

Painters still choose linen for its strength, durability and wide range of structures. But other bases are often chosen for specific purposes, such as wall coverings. Carefully select your canvas to suit your painting project. Get some advice from a distributor near you

A canvas from Claessens Canvas takes a long journey before arriving at your easel. No matter which canvas you buy, it will have been carefully prepared by us to support your unrestrained creative activities. After all, the right canvas is vital for a successful painting or wall or ceiling decoration.


Craftsmanship, quality and care

At Claessens Canvas, we monitor the production process from rough fabric to finished roll, ensuring that each and every canvas is manufactured with the utmost care. Since the 1970s much of the work has been done by machine, however, we still respect the traditional production process passed down by Victor Claessens through the generations.

We also continue to manufacture all the coatings ourselves, employing a time-honoured technique that was applied more than a hundred years ago.  Ensuring that as much of the production process as possible takes place in-house, enables us to maintain more control over the finish of the canvas and simultaneously assure a high-quality product. With an artists’ canvas from Claessens Canvas the possibilities are endless. 


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